"Shed 1"

Steve Beresford/Luc Houtkamp/Martin Blume,  FMR  CD597 (2020)

Luc Houtkamp – tenor saxophone, clarinet
Steve Beresford – piano, objects
Martin Blume – drums, percussion

Recording track list

1.         Pantry 27’34

2.         Hayloft 20’21

3.         Vault 7’42

Recorded in concert at LOFT, Cologne on 1 October 2018
Recorded by Stefan Deistler, mixed and mastered by Luc Houtkamp

Photos on the inside by Günther Horn

Cover photo by Luc Houtkamp

"Drama, suspense, action, surprise. No, this isn’t a reference to the latest Scorsese picture, but the ingredients that together make for a successful improvisational meeting of three stalwart blokes who between them span multiple decades of shared disciplines. Dutch saxophonist Houtkamp’s aligned his sensibilities with such forward-thinking players as fellow countryman Gert Jan-Prins as well as the late trombonist Johannes Bauer. German drummer Blume has acquitted himself splendidly on a baker’s dozen of recordings and live dates, keeping fine company with the likes of Veryan Weston, Simon Nabatov, Birgit Ulher, Fred Van Hove, and numerous others. Beresford’s pedigree is beyond reproach: on over sixty-plus releases, his thorny, relativistic keyboard playing and myriad object wrangling has brought a distinctive audio verité to countless collaborations and live performances. It’s obvious from the abundant talent on display that Shed 1 isn’t some casual/causal happenstance; each participant throws their hat into the proverbial ring while carefully balancing their respective acoustics within it. Deep inside the trio’s opening twenty-seven minute “Pantry”, Houtkamp and Beresford advance about the space in opportunistic freedom, their tight-lipped accents, bleats, and exploratory pathways the ideal demarcation points over which Blume operates, his eggshell-fragile cymbal work augmenting a variegated series of skillfully detonated snare hits and depth-charge toms. The trio understand not only the correct use of silence but how best to illustrate their sonic canvas. Beresford often acts as Houtkamp’s foil, moving back and forth while manipulating a juicy arsenal of objects, devices, and electronic gossamer across the bow of Houtkamp’s decadent splatter and Blume’s sharp, interruptive whipcracks. Another grand gesture from the ever-growing FMR ranks." - Darren Bergstein, downtownmusicgallery