"A new idea in drumming and percussion and a set of sounds individuell as well as sensitive are presented by Martin Blume...which interpunctates dynamic phases, singing, noisy and windy moods with extended sound percussion and alternating with rapid drumrolls creates rhythmic tension."
Rainer Diaz, Bospect

"He boasts total control over his drum set, pushing, leading, and reacting to the others"
Steven A Loewy, Washington D.C.

"Blume: good. An unusual quite, sensitive drummer...A drummer, who always is there, even if you think, you could not hear him."
Markus Müller, JAZZTHETIK

"Blume`s creativity knows no boundaries."
Francois Couture, All Music Guide 2002

"Blume listens with intensity and punctuates decisively."
Julian Cowley, The Wire 2002

"Coming together like a continental Paul Chambers and Jimmy Copp, drummer Martin Blume and bassist Dieter Manderscheid....construct
perfect freebop pattern in the background detracting from the soloists."
Ken Waxman, Jazzweekly

"Blume has a kinetic energy that continually pushes the music forward but never swamps it."
Robert Iannapollo, Cadence

"...Martin Blume, probably one of the most color-focused percussionists I know.
As a pianist, I would say that he plays drums with the sustain pedal. This not only
enables the sounds to sustain longer; it also gives them color and surrounds the kernels
of sounds with fragrantly expanding clouds of their dispersed particles even when
the music becomes energetic, dynamic, and dense. With a very fine sense for balance
and degrees of light and shade, he feeds the atmosphere with substantial ether,
which is certainly more than a carrier on which other musical seeds can develop into living
plants; with ghostly hands, Martin almost imperceptibly drives musical situations forward.
I have always admired this subtle musical quality.”
Thomas Lehn, from Liner-Notes “Burnt Sienna”

"Martin Blume’s playing is characterised by a gossamer aesthetic, whose drive is not just
his own rhythmic energy but above all the accord with the other instrumentalists...“
Reinard Kager, SWR

"He is superb, and this project, as well as his other work...,
make me eager to hear as much from him as I can.
He strikes with force, rattles and shimmers with wisdom
and clarity, changing timbre if not style from piece to piece."
Marc Medwin, Bagatellen

Blume`s polyrhythmic showing includes motifs that directly relate
to Kenny Clarke’s Bop cymbal pulses"
Ken Waxmann, jazzword

firmly part of the leading edge of European improvised music but with a
distinct quasi-compositional sensibility that shades heavily into new music.
Percussionist Blume is too seldom heard these days, and his playing -
with equal measures restraint and oomph - is exactly the sort of thing that
catalyses this music."
Jason Bivins, Signal to Noise 2008

Blume's percussive presence defines, once and for all, that what was formerly intended
as 'section' has by now been forgotten in favour of a methodical liberalisation of roles.
It's life that dictates a rhythm: a drummer can't possibly recommend patterns to someone
attempting to respire through a phase of polite self-determination.
Accordingly, he's all over the place and then disappears, inimitable sensitiveness
at long last revealed to glad receivers. Remarkable things."
Massimo Ricci - Touching Extremes 2008

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