Unlimited 23

Various musicians, one piece by speak easy

Featuring Kristin Andersen, Lotte Anker, Martin Blume, Arnold de Boer, Katherina Bornefeld, Tony Buck, Sylvie Courvoisier, Chris Cutler, dieb13, Shayna Dunkelman, Peter Evans, Fred Frith, Lene Grenager, Noid Haberl, Terrie Hessels, Lindha Kallerdahl, DD Kern, Pamelia Kurstin, Okkyung Lee, Thomas Lehn, Koichi Makigami, Stephen O'Malley, Phil Minton, Andy Moor, Ikue Mori, Mark Nauseef, DJ Olive, Maggie Parkins, Sara Parkins, Zeena Parkins, Maja Ratkje, Peter Rehberg, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Ute Wassermann, David Watson.

1. Opening credits

2. Day 1

3. John Zorn's Cobra "Wels operations"

4. Speak Easy "Outer limits"

5. SPUNK "Weismusic"

6. KTL "Forest floor 4"

7. Day 2

8. Phil MInton & dieb13 "Voice and turntables II"

9. Pameila Kurstin "Live in Wels 2009"

10. Agra Dharma "Improvisation for Pundaroka #1"

11. Lindha Kallerdahl/Lotte Anker/Okkyung Lee "Strange sisters"

12. Phantom Orchard Orchestra "Inquisitive fingers"

13. Fred Frith & Chris Cutler "Unlimited 2009 extract"

14. Day 3

15. Saw Sun Here "Saw Sun Here"

16. Ipcress Theater "Good vs. evil"

17. Lotte Anker/Sylvie Courvoisier/Mark Nauseef "Film 3"

18. Peter Evans & Okkyung Lee "Muje"

19. David Watson/DJ Olive/Tony Buck "The rain check"

20. The Ex "Double order"

21. Closing credits/The Ex "Song for electricity"

The 123 minute DVD, available in PAL and NTSC formats, is produced by Pavel Borodin.

Recorded in Wels, Austria, 6-8 November 2009.